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This tool will take an MP4 video and wrap it into a SCORM 1.2 compliant package. The zip file can then be uploaded directly into your LMS.

The package will mark the lesson as completed with the video is completed. The amount of time the user watched the video is stored in ‘cmi.core.lesson_location’ for reporting of partial completion.

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This tool requires an HTML5 browser capable of using the FileReader API.

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  • VideoGuy

    Peter, after doing a google search, I came across your site. Thanks so much for offering this! I had a client ask about SCORM wrapping videos (I’m a video producer) and I was like “HUH?” Look forward to utilizing this.

  • @VideoGuy Welcome 🙂 Let me know how it goes. I’m always interested in feedback.

  • Joe K

    Thank you much! This is great. One issue though, regarding mobile. I could view the Learning Object (a video) on my iPhone, however it didn’t record as completed. Has anyone else had that issue? Works great on my desktop. I am using Cornerstone’s LMS.

  • I will look into this to see if there is anything I can do to make it play nice on iOS. Will keep you posted.

  • Ed Jankowski

    Is there a max file size? I tried with a 54mb MP4 and it worked fine, trying it with a 104mb MP4 and nothing seems to be happening.

    Fantastic tool.

  • There is not a set max file size, I had created a few pretty large (several hundred mb) files, because it does it all in the browser I would suggest using an uptodate chrome to see if that works better for you.

  • Ed Jankowski

    Great suggestion, swapped over to Firefox from Safari and D/L came right in. If I had 3 thumbs, I would give this 3 thumbs up.!!

  • Thanks Peter for this. Helped us with an immediate need. One issue we have faced though is that on playback, we just get audio and blank video. Is there something we may be doing wrong? I can play the video file directly in the Zip and it plays fine.

  • Peter you rock. Thank you for contributing this to the community. High marks to you sir. It worked well for me. It gave file-not-found error on larger files like 999 meg, but it’s easy to put in a placeholder mp4 smaller video during creation and then swap the file post editing the zip, as a workaround that doesnt’ cost you bandwidth. ) So I am not complaining! Thanks again! Very respectfully, –TimK

  • Saavan

    Hi Pete,
    Is there anyway i can create playlist on this? I have several videos to package.

  • At this time, I don’t have anything that will embed a playlist into the package. I will take it as a note for a future enhancement.

    However I would suggest that you might want to consider not bundling the videos together in a playlist and instead creating individual scorm packages for each one, and letting the LMS do the overall sequencing of them. This way you will get more fine grained analytics from the LMS about which users have watched which videos.

  • Hey Peter.. i came across this site via google search. I m not a techie. I have a very basic question: I want to wrap the videos with SCORM for uploading them into LMS. I use a Mac. Which browser should i use for HTML5 & FileReaderAPI?

  • In theory any modern browser should work. However in practice I get the best results out of chrome.

  • Ankit

    Hey Peter .. Thanks for this prompt revert. It worked in chrome browser.. May i take the liberty to ask, that do u recommend any good software to make PPTs & Flip Books also SCORM compliant?

  • Ankit

    Hey Peter. I have used your software tool to convert almost 10-11 videos for SCORM. All are working well. I am unable to convert one video. I get the zip file but upon uploading it into the LMS it doesn’t work. Can u suggest any solution for this pls.?

  • Lauren

    Thank you for this handy resource! It wrapped my MP4 file just as I needed, but for some reason the video only plays in a small view, not 600 x800 window that I would require it to launch as.
    Any idea on what I should do?
    Thanks again!

  • Patrick Kinney

    HI, I am having the same issue. Any suggestions on resize would be great.

  • Brian Dolan

    Hi – my final output is not playing in IE and that is the only browser my work will allow. Any recommendations?

  • Athaelil Milosh

    Hi, is there a solution to this problem or can I make the change to config files?

  • Kai Niethammer

    Hi all,
    also stumbled upon the tiny video in IE issue. This solved it for me:

    I added width and height definition to the my-video div to the vjs-styles-dimensions class. Looks like this and works fine till then …

    .my-video-dimensions {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

    .my-video-dimensions.vjs-fluid {
    padding-top: 74.64788732394366%;

    #my-video {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;


  • Randy Shuttleworth

    Hi Peter — Do you know if the user can ‘pause’ the video, exit the LMS, and when they come back resume from where they left off?

    Randy S