Mustang Acquired

I’ve always wanted a car like this, so when I saw this one pop up on craigslist I just had to go take a look.

The condition of the car was quite overstated.  It was listed as:

  • A Complete Restoration
  • New OEM Convertible Soft top with new hardware
  • New tires ( all 4)
  • Fresh Paint job
  • 351 Winsor V-8 ( hard to find today) 94k original miles
  • C-6 transmission
  • New OEM complete dashboard

However as soon as I got to looking at the car. The truth came out.  The top and tires are new(ish) and the body paint is in fair (but not great/fresh) condition.  The dash was not OEM and it had a piece cut out for a radio which had been glued back in. The transmission has a leak, there is fluid on the undercarriage the floor pans look like swiss cheese and the brakes hardly have any effect at all.  The interior in general would be better if it were altogether missing .

All that being said I was able to talk the seller down to a reasonable price considering and now its my problem.

This should keep me busy for quite a while.